About us

Initially, Lock&Clean was an innovative concept :Automated laundry shops open 24/7 in various locations in Brussels. Between 2009 and 2013, we expanded and developed the concept to implement it in businesses, sport clubs, residential buildingsā€¦

In order to answer to the Concierge market needs, Lock&Clean added other services such as Lock&Fix, Lock&Pack and Lock&Shop.

We renamed this whole package: MyServiceBox.

We are now well established in Brussels and its surroundings and aim at a national development by the end of 2015. We have developed our technology in a way to make it available at a low price to people willing to expand their businesses worldwide (www.facilitylockers.com).

Our operational efficiency will soon be represented in Luxemburg, Milan and Toronto. We also put our logistic knowledge into action with other Concierge business partners. We welcome all the demands emanating from entrepreneurs who are interested in developing such a business all around the world.