Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions of FacilityLockers


Entry into force on 20/12/2017




FacilityLockers is an original solution, whose technology is based on the use of lockers (the “Locker(s)”), allowing users to :


-       drop off and collect items from the Lockers, and subscribe to services (the “Service(s)”) via the website http://www.myservicebox.com/ (the “Website”) or via a web terminal;


-       request deliveries to the Lockers (the “Delivery Service(s)”).




The FacilityLockers solution is owned by TRIBOX EU S.P.R.L. (“TRIBOX”), a Belgian company having its registered office at rue du Serpentin 18 in 1050 Brussels, Belgium, registered with the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises under the number 0537.931.514.






ARTICLE 1.   Scope of application




1.1.             These General Terms & Conditions apply to all relationships between TRIBOX and any persons (“you” or the “Customer”) using the Website and/or using the Services provided by TRIBOX on the Website.




Save Articles 3.2, 3.4 and 9, these General Terms & Conditions are not applicable to :


-     the use of Services provided directly by independent suppliers expressly identified on the Website (the “Supplier(s)”). This provision of Services is instead subject to the Supplier’s own terms and conditions, available on the supplier interface;


-     the Delivery Services and/or any Services subscribed to on other websites (for example, Delivery Services after purchase on an e-commerce website). These Services are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the website in question;


Together these are referred to as “External Service(s)” or “External Delivery Service(s)”.




1.2.             Any conclusion of a contract with TRIBOX implies that the Customer has read, accepted and committed to comply with these General Terms & Conditions, as published on the Website.


The declaration of acknowledgment and acceptance is validated by the Customer through an electronic confirmation upon signing up on the Website.


Further amendments to the General Terms & Conditions shall be communicated via email (as indicated upon signing up) and shall be deemed accepted if the Website is accessed after receipt of such email.




1.3.             Unless expressly agreed otherwise by TRIBOX, no derogations to these General Terms & Conditions will be accepted. All clauses which were not subject to a derogation will remain fully in force.


The Customer’s own general and/or billing conditions will never apply to the contracts concluded with TRIBOX.






ARTICLE 2.   Availability, identification, security




2.1.             In order to access the Website and to apply for Services and/or to request a delivery to the Lockers, the Customer identifies himself using the identification mode with the password provided on the Website.


The Customer must keep his password secret and commits to inform TRIBOX immediately in the event that his password is lost, disclosed or stolen by third parties.


Any use of the Services, if requested after the valid identification of the password, will be considered as being performed by the Customer.




2.2.             The Customer commits to notify TRIBOX immediately of any problem relating to the access and use of the Website.




2.3.             For security and/or maintenance reasons, TRIBOX may at any time :


-     suspend or interrupt the Website’s services ,


-     change the access procedure, the identification mode, the access to the identification mode and the security measures,


-     alter the Customers' passwords.






ARTICLE 3.    Services and Service requirements




3.1.             The Services available to the Customer are listed on the Website.


These Services might either be provided by TRIBOX and its subcontractors, or by independent Suppliers.


The Customer shall only use the Services for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes.


When dropping off items, the Customer commits to always packing items in a suitable way according to their characteristics.




3.2.             You expressly agree that the shipper, Supplier and/or anyone who must deliver a parcel to you, has effectively fulfilled his delivery obligation by delivering the parcel to the designated Lockers.




3.3.             Specific requirements for the Dry-Cleaning Service:




When making a drop-off, the Customer must:


-     pack his items in a closed bag with his name and address inside;


-     pack small items, handkerchiefs and delicate or valuable articles separately, and ensure that valuable articles are accompanied by a note informing TRIBOX of their special status;


-     remove any objects attached to items of clothing (buttons, clasps, buckles, belts, plastic, rubber or leather trimmings ) unless these can withstand the treatment prescribed for cleaning these items;


-     remove any dangerous objects that might damage the items of clothing (i.e. cufflinks, broaches, badges, pens, lipstick, coins, etc.).




3.4.             Specific requirements for the Delivery Service:




Any unsuitable content is prohibited from storage in the Lockers and shall therefore not be delivered to the Lockers, for example: drugs, dangerous materials, explosive materials, frozen or refrigerated food (in the latter case, when the Locker is not refrigerated or frozen).






ARTICLE 4.    Prices, payment methods and payment




4.1.             The prices indicated on the Website and the Lockers are merely indicative.


Before confirming the order, the Customer receives an all-included overview of the total price and/or method of pricing.


By confirming the order, the Customer explicitly agrees to the price charged.


Services will only be provided by TRIBOX after payment of said price.




4.2.             Prices are expressed in EUR.


They are non-negotiable.


Promotional and/or special discount prices (in any form) are not cumulative.




4.3.             The following payment methods are accepted:


-     Visa via Adyen (Online)


-     Mastercard via Adyen (Online)


-     Bancontact via Adyen (Online)


The online payments are managed by Stripe company.


In order to guarantee the security of online payments and the confidentiality of the Customer’s personal data, the online transactions will be encrypted by SSL technology.


Your credit card information will not be retained by TRIBOX.


TRIBOX can change and/or extend the payment methods. These modifications and/or extensions will be communicated through the Website.




4.4.             Where applicable, any costs connected to the payment method will be clearly communicated to the Customer.






ARTICLE 5.   Right of withdrawal




5.1.             For the provision of all Services, the Customer may exercise his right of withdrawal  within 14 days after the conclusion of the contract (order of Service), without motivation and without penalty, as granted by article VI.47. of the Belgian “Code de droit économique” (here after “CDE”).


However, this right can no longer be exercised if the Service has already been performed (article VI.53. CDE).


For further information, please refer to article VI.47 and following of the CDE.




5.2.             In order to properly exercise his right of withdrawal, the Customer must inform TRIBOX of his intention to renounce to the purchase:


-     by using the renouncement form available on the Website; or


-     by an explicit written statement of this intention, addressed to TRIBOX.


TRIBOX shall acknowledge its receipt of this communication.




5.3.             Where applicable, and if the Customer has exercised his right of withdrawal properly and in due time, TRIBOX notifies the Customer by email that the goods are available/have been returned for collection by the Customer within 24 hours.




5.4.             Where applicable, the price paid by the Customer will be reimbursed by TRIBOX no later than 14 days after receiving the declaration of renouncement.


The reimbursement will be carried out using the same payment method  as the initial transaction (mainly transfer to the bank account stated by the Customer on the renouncement form for this purpose).


No costs will be charged to the Customer for this reimbursement.






ARTICLE 6.   Terms of provision of Services/delivery




6.1.             The term for the delivery of Services is merely indicative.


The Customer waives any right other than that to withdraw his order up to 14 days after it is placed, by serving a formal notice to TRIBOX in a registered letter, with acknowledgment of receipt;




6.2.             Delivery is made at the place selected by the Customer in his application for Services.